Anti Bribery & Corruption Policy

Details about the Anti Bribery & Corruption Policy.

Audit & Risk Committee Charter

Details about the Audit & Risk Committee Charter.

Board Charter

Details about the Board Charter.

Code of Ethics & Conduct Policy

Details about the Code of Ethics & Conduct Policy.

Conflict of Interests Policy

Details about the Conflict of Interests Policy.

Disclosure & Communication Policy

Details about the Disclosure and Communication Policy.

Diversity Policy

Details about the Diversity Policy.

Gender Diversity

Details about the Gender Diversity measurable objectives

Global Data Protection Policy

Details about the Global Data Protection Policy.

Modern Slavery Act 2015 statement

Statement relating to the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

People & Performance Committee Charter

Details about the People & Performance Committee Charter.

Share Trading Policy

Details about the Share Trading Policy.

Whistleblowing Policy

Details about the Share Trading Policy.

PAIA Manual

The Promotion of Access to Information Act, No.2 of 2000 ("PAIA") gives effect to the Constitutional right of access to information. Access IRESS' information manual, setting out the process to be be followed to request access to records held by IRESS.

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