Complete administration

Effortlessly manage your open positions and track and manage fees, interest and collateral on transactions. Daily calculations ensure sufficient collateral is always held.

Integrated technology

Reduce settlement costs with a single point of capture for instructions which also reduces the potential for human error and supports automatic updates for improved efficiency.

Market information instantly

A seamless integration with the Trade Portal provides instant access to market information in a simple web application and supports deal automation and electronic mandate matching.


  • Minimise risk and administration
  • Create comprehensive reports and manage information effectively
  • Automate collateral calculations
  • Manage pools of securities for lending
  • Automate settlement instruction messaging
  • Facilitate secure online loans
  • Calculate and record fees and interest due to, or payable by, transaction parties
  • Integrate with back office settlement and portfolio management systems

Add ons

  • Auto Recon
  • Auto Return
  • BDA Analysis
  • BDA Toolkit
  • Collateral Management
  • Custodian Integration
  • Electronic Trade Confirmation

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