Building business through technology breakthroughs

Ray Pretorius chats about the Silica IRESS Funds Trading solution.

IRESS interviews

Winning trust in wealth management

An award winning wealth manager talks to us about building and retaining trust.


Helping our people manage the life juggle

It's been a year since we made radical enhancements to our parental leave benefits, but what difference has it made?

IRESS Bulletin 2018

Ray Pretorius chats about 2018 at IRESS South Africa

Financial Markets

IRESS Bulletin: Financial Markets

Shaun Nicholson gives an update into IRESS financial markets

Financial Markets

IRESS Bulletin: Market Data

Barbara Arnold gives insight into market data news

Financial Markets

IRESS Bulletin: Product News

Stuart Campbell highlights IRESS product news.

Wealth Management

IRESS Bulletin: Wealth News

Cameron Wood delivers the integrated wealth management update.


What's getting these XPLAN users so excited?

They've had a glimpse into the future and are excited by what they see. Here they reveal all.


Breaking bad data

When bad data happens to good businesses (and what you can do about it).


Make it better. Do it faster. Makes us stronger.

How we're improving the way we design and deliver software by altering the way we work.

Wealth Management

Why you need a data detox

Is your most valuable information getting lost?

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