Financial Markets

Q3 Product news

Stuart Campbell highlights IRESS product news.


Making a difference: St Angsars IT Lab

IRESS enables skills development through the St Angsars IT Lab

Financial Markets

Q3: Integrated Wealth News

Cameron Wood, Wealth Business Partnerships Manager, discusses the necessity of Financial Services Software Integration

Financial Markets

Multi markets in South Africa

Ridwaan Kharva, Head of FM Product SA , discusses multi-markets in South Africa


The day of the MiFID II

Is the world ready for what could be the biggest market structural overhaul in history?


Keeping it real

How real-time collaboration is enabling global teams to innovate and improve agility.


XPLANtouch and client service excellence

IRESS Business Partnerships Manager, Cameron Wood, chats about XPLANtouch and how it allows Financial Advisors to provide superior client service.


How to think like a fintech

Our CTO explains how to create an environment that supports and drives innovation.

Wealth Management

Thinking greater than Gretzky

Anticipating where the puck is going is essential in today's service driven world.

Information Security

Why people are the first line of defence

Our infosec experts on how to build a powerful and effective security culture.


Improve efficiency and client satisfaction

Shifting from legacy technology to integrated systems will help financial services companies improve efficiency and client satisfaction.


7 ways to make your hackathon a success

Thought hackathons were just for fintechs? Think again.

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