Wealth Management

RDR: One year on

It's been a year since RDR came into force. Mark Loosmore discusses some of the changes he has witnessed as a result of these new regulations.

Wealth Management

What next for FoFA?

FoFA, RDR and CRM2 - regulations are impacting the financial services across the globe. Andrew Wootton looks at what financial planners in Australia and the UK can expect next.


Insurance and the quantified self: Game-changer or gimmick?

Can health and lifestyle data enhance the future of the insurance industry in a way that mutually benefits providers and consumers? Mark Pearce explores this concept.


Opportunity knocks: How technology supports corporate advice

Auto-enrolment is an obligation that employers can't take lightly; corporate advice is in high demand. Mark Loosmore looks at how technology can support advisers in this area.


Analytics & big data: Predicting the future

No matter what the size of your business, data is central. How can big data or analytics help you maximise its value? Mark Pearce suggests some best practice techniques.

Wealth Management

Delivering real client value

Chris Pitt suggests how financial advisers can demonstrate their value to clients, especially with RDR now in play.

Don't leave technology in the back office

Mark Loosmore discusses not only the value of a front office system, but also considers the benefits firms will reap if they invest in integrating it fully with the back office.

Wealth Management

Data = Truth; Truth = Data

Sophie Hall discusses the imperative need for data, for both analysing post-regulation trends and practicing efficient client relationship management.

Wealth Management

Service with a smile

Since RDR, many advisers have now turned to using segmented client service propositions. Mark Loosmore explains how technology can be utilised to support the successful application of this approach.

Wealth Management

Never stand alone

With the app market accelerating at a rapid pace, Mark Loosmore considers how the financial services can successfully leverage this medium of technology, for the benefit of the consumer and the adviser.

Wealth Management

Regulatory change

Mark Loosmore discusses the regulatory future of the financial services in South Africa, drawing predictions from similar reforms with in UK and Australia.

Wealth Management

Don't forget the humans

You have made the decision to implement a new advice platform such as XPLAN, but what about the humans? Nuala Clamp offers an expert guide on engaging the people in your business to ensure a successful adoption of the new technology.

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