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Robo-advice is a hotly debated topic, both with regard to the term itself and what is represents, however the term is broadly used to describe any automated direct to customer financial advice or guidance. In our report we focus on its progression to date and how advisors can best take advantage of this.

We have looked in detail at the direct-to-client market landscape and discovered that whileassets under management for robo-advisers grew significantly over the last year, it represents less than 0.25% of the Private Financial Wealth in North America and just 0.5% of the total Assets Under Management. We have looked at how global digital capability trends have morphed, showing a clear congruence of investment into a multichannel strategy underpinned by technology solutions to provide scalability and efficiency - where the overall theme seeks to enhance the customer experience and improve business efficiency whilst enhancing and supporting human sales channels. Finally we have explored how digital channels now offer a strategic asset to the advisor and that the ideal technology solution is modular and scalable.

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