Effectively and efficiently manage your positions available for lending, credit limits, exposure, fees and interest.

Our SLB community software solutions allow SLB participants to report loans and returns electronically to counterparties, providing greater transparency between lenders and borrowers.

Full automation of SLB transaction capture also reduces the need for manual data capture, and the risks associated with it. Our community offering includes the reconciliation of overnight loan and collateral positions between counterparties and the real time matching of loans between borrowers and lenders so you always have an accurate, single view of your positions.

Business benefits

Community Solutions - SLAMS

  • For borrowers the solutions offers automation of loan capturing by downloading the lender's loan confirmation
  • Lenders benefit from automated return capturing
  • Automatic reconciliation of positions, fees and interest between counterparties
  • Reduce operational and settlement risks with straight through processing
  • Supports moving to a T3 settlement cycle
  • Brings transparency between lenders and borrowers

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